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Life Sciences in Washington State

Together, we can provide better health to people everywhere. Right now, researchers in Washington state are advancing knowledge about the role of genes and proteins in health and disease and developing powerful tools to predict, treat and ultimately prevent cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and other debilitating diseases. Right now, we are developing the next generation of medical devices to speed recovery and improve wellness.

Global health, improving the lives of billions of people. Today, experts in Washington state are creating new ways to defeat malaria, tuberculosis and HIV-AIDS as well as emerging diseases such as SARS and avian flu.

Scientific agriculture, helping feed the world with better and healthier foods. People in Washington are developing better crops that can enhance the nutrition of the world’s hungry and reduce our reliance on fertilizer and pesticides.

Alternative, cleaner energy based on bio fuels. Our strengths in bio-based energy may someday reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and improve the air we breathe.

Innovations in health and health care delivery. We are applying our sophistication in information technology, biostatistics and behavioral science to increase the quality and efficiency of health care and to shift from an emphasis on treating disease to improving and maintaining health.

We can achieve all this, and secure a future of economic vitality and superb career opportunities for our children and grandchildren. If we continue to work together, make strategic investments in research, innovation and education and excite the imagination of children and adults with a vivid sense of possibilities without precedent.

Washington Life Science Industry at a Glance

Washington State continues to be in the top tier of bioscience clusters in the nation – home to world class academic and private research organizations. The industry is comprised of nearly 200 companies, from fledging startups to Amgen, one of the largest bioscience company in the world. Twenty-two of the companies are publicly traded on US and Canadian stock exchanges. Notably, 74 percent oof the total companies in Washington are small, privately owned and employ fewer than fifty people. Nearly 20,000 people are employed industry wide.